Friday, 8 January 2010

its the damdest thing...

you will only do something if you really want to do and i have never known anyone influence you into doing something you dont want to do.
i know you dont do stupid things because you think it gets you closer to the kind of person you think people want to see.
because you dont try to change yourself into someone you think others are more likely to accept.
someone has the nerve to tell you to give up because you're not what the industry is looking for and you go out there and make it work.
and it worked, look at you now.
finaly people have started to realise that people like you are way more interesting then some clone that is ready to be altered and changed into someone else.
you know exactly who you are, and you know that its 100% you, no one else.
i just have a shit load of respect for you.

and if other people reading this think that maybe they are like that... then good for you guys. you immense, different crazy fools are what is going to make anything in this life interesting.

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