Saturday, 7 November 2009

no masks, no pretences.

why is it so dam hard to talk to people, and when i say talk yeah i know we talk, everyone talks but its just mindless babble that consists of no actual thought or feeling. think, how often you actualy say what you're thinking, or if someone asks you how you are, why is it that we think its better to just reply with a false 'yes im fine'. why do we always act like we have no deeper feelings?
i might be just an 'adolesant' (and god do i hate it when its as if being slightly younger means you dont have the potential to have meaningful thoughts) but i do know what its like to hate someone so much you feel like you can't control yourself, i know what it's like to want someone so bad that its all you can ever think about. and im not going to pretend i dont, not anymore.

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