Sunday, 17 January 2010

pull it off.

im really tired of peoples judgement holding everyones stlyle back. not doing or wearing something because of what people might think of it is a crap reason for holding back. i think if more people didnt cripple under the idea of being judged everyone would be so much more interesting. someones style should be what they choose, not modeled on what everyone else wears or anyone elses hair or makeup or whatever. because that isnt someones style, that is just as simple as one pattern, cloned from one person to another. and what is interesting about that? so if you have a big faux fur coat or some ripped up tights or spiky earrings or huge shoulder pads or a studded leather jacket looking amazing at the back of your wardrobe put them on, set your own style. and if your gagging to change your look, get a completely different hair cut or add or take away from your makeup then do it, because by setting your own style and image you start feeling so much better about yourself. dont worry about others judging you, if you get the courage to step out from the main stream line and be seen in a crowd there are more people then you think that would really admire and respect your individuality, giving us some real style amongst the pj looking 'designer' hoodies and leggings that show your ass hanging out.

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