Friday, 23 April 2010


it never dawned on me that i might need to actually think about where exactly i want to be in thirty years from now....

what got me thinking this time was a friend of my mums.
she has spent the twenty five odd years of her life from getting out of uni to now working her way up to the big money, very almost putting her life on hold to work.
well now, shes stopped working at forty six, and because she has spent so much time working that she can now afford to live life in luxury.
she has so much time, that she went to a uni book shop and bought several uni textbooks on psychology and has been studying it for a hobby.
shes gone on spontaneous holidays to fall in love,
she has acquired three or four new wardrobes,
she has redecorated her house with painting and sculptures, and big crystals
and countless books on art and theater, politics and economics.
if she has nothing to do one night, she will go to see whatever opera is on in covent garden.
this life of hers is heart achingly perfect.
but she had to give up almost a quarter of her life to get there.
what i have only just understood is that she had planned her life from the start of uni.
she had decided life would wait, she would gain the money in order to live lavishly.
at first i thought, well thats so stupid, why the hell give up life to live later on.
but it was a tactic none the less, and she stuck to it. and look at her now.

i know im too young to plan my entire life yet, but i cant help but think, weather i should think of some kind of tactic for my life,
because, and this is the thing that scares me... its one chance, for one big tactic like this one.

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