Saturday, 17 April 2010

do it.

watch the boat that rocked.
it's pretty much everything about this film that makes it amazing,
the thing for me is, apart from the music, the lifestyle it shows.

it has got to be the best way of living ever, well for me anyway.
i long to lounge around day after day, with nothing to do but talk and listen to music, and eat and drink.

to have such a level of no pressure that the outside world is something of a tragic myth that you needn't face. just live in your own little bubble, doing the things that interest you and nothing else.
which is why i dream of life on a boat,
or maybe i could make my own little island out of pebbles like on the advert...


  1. I'll get the spade

    (to move the pebbles and form an island, duh)

  2. this film is so amazing, it sometimes makes me really sad that we can't freeze time :(

    p.s mark is mine.

  3. ahhh that is my favourite film ever (:

  4. suchhhhh a good film!
    you can see why i was keening it yesterday ;)

  5. i want bill nighy to be my uncle.
    i want the boat to be my home.
    i want that kind of music nowadays.

    oh and i wouldn't mind a bit of carl now and then ;)