Friday, 2 April 2010

the intellectuals

forget the sports people, the rich big shots.
it is the intellectuals that are taking over the world.
their mass appreciation and talent in the arts.
of course, these types are becoming rare,
and by most others are seen as snooty posers.
i want to live in paris, where you are pretty much forced into all the culture.
i would go to the galleries as much as i could afford, become a regular.
i find the old type of cameras, and make inspiring short films.
i would be content in my own little world.
in my small but tasteful apartment over looking the rest of the city.
i would spend the rest of my time in the parks,
wandering around, writing, drawing anything that would fill the time.
and then i would eat pastries and drink coffee in the classic little cafes.


  1. that sounds like my kind of life.
    i've given you an award on my blog (: