Thursday, 12 August 2010

on an evening in roma. (well, three)

if this place isnt already on your 'to go' list, put it on now.
i mean now, go on, off you scoot, pen in hand, write it anywhere, on the wall in capital letters, on your arm in permanent.
because it will become one of those things you wont ever forget.
now obviously a place like this has a massive hype already,
and i figured as good as i might be it wont live up to rumours.
but the thing i saw in so many people there, with their maps, itineraries, some with a compass bless them, walking at a pace on the brink of running around frantically, is that they had planned every second of their time there, rushing from st pauls to castel sant angelo to the church de santa maria, and because they were so obsessed and absorbed in seeing the main places that they ended up missing the bits of rome that turn it from one massive archaeological/historical site, to this amazing city i would give a kidney to live in. things like the tiny art exhibits up a street, the cafes lining side roads serving some unbelievably good coffee, the surrounding parks filled with benches and people resting in the dappled light reading, or writing or listening to music, or just speaking to one another, the balconies high above you filled with exotic pot plants as a makeshift garden in the middle of all the rushing.

if you take the time to actually see the city of rome and dont divide it into which site to do first according to queue size then guaranteed, you will join me in loving every second.
i loved to be in a city where i could be sat outside a cafe with an iced tea and five minutes later be walking into some magnificent church with frescoes hundreds of years old lining the walls and massive marble columns leading up to a memorial decorated in different types of stone and gold and statues of whichever saint forgotten to the rest of the world that this place is dedicated so beautifully to.
(a selection of pictures to come)


  1. Sounds so beautiful. Definitely going on my bucket list. Can't wait to see the pictures!

    You've got a pretty sweet blog. I'm a follower :)

  2. its something else,
    ahh thank you so much :)