Tuesday, 31 August 2010

fu, its how i want to live.

people say i have no direction, well true i dont know exactly which qualification i am aiming to get in two/three years time, but i do have some direction, north.
down the A1m, onto the M25 for bout 20 minutes and drive inwards.
or get the 10:20 am train terminating at kings cross,
either does it for me.
it will be my permanent direction. until it is my permanent residency.
and fuck you if you think im childish or stupid for wanting to pay more to live in one of my favourite places in the world, because there i'll be happy,
i'll be happy, sat at home waiting for my take out indian to arrive, blogging, listening to my odd taste in music.
and i'll be happy when suitably dunk at another cheap as chips gig for some unknown talented band.
and i'll be happy on the grass in hyde park with a book and the morning starbucks.
and i'll be happy walking around the new exhibits at the white cube on my lunch break,
all these things are free, so turns out i'll only need the money for rent.

maybe i have my head in clouds,
but how many more years can it stay up there?


  1. oh emma, touching!

    no but really, YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT (with the expectation I'm allowed to join or at least visit you more than not each year).

  2. fair deal,
    you're welcome to join me whenever. :)