Thursday, 26 November 2009

break free....

london tomorrow,
you have got to love going to london, its that kind of rush that you get. the promise of surprise or something new. i love it. and it makes me realise how much i want need to get out of here. i love living here with all my friends and my school nearby and all but i have to know that im going to have something more. living in a city like london is exactly how i see myself in the future. its weird how i have no idea what im going to do, but i know where i want to live. i know i want to be spending too much money on a small but cosy apartment looking out over other buildings and roads with those red double deckers going by. i might not have enough money to pay for lunch but i know i would be completely and perfectly happy living with that bit of interest in my life. its that kind of promise of getting out to somewhere like london that almost drives me, so that when im spending my day doing nothing but prep work for an art exam, it doesn't matter because 4 or 5 years time, i will be earning my own money, living in my own apartment in an interesting city doing what i love and living life the way i want to. i want a small balcony that at night i can put loads of blankets out and curl up and write or read or sketch under stars, the page lit up by the moon. it might sound silly or cheesy but that i pretty much what im aiming for.

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