Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ellur there.

basically i have my wonderfully cute-but-gay scrapbook but i used up too much ink so the 'rents got all aggs and made me use black and white ink which looked shit.
so here i am. newbie love?

okay first, three things to know and forgive me for:
1) i couldn't spell if your mums life depended on it.
2) making up my mind can be as impossible as me out running usain bolt at 100m
3) ergh... i forgot the last one.

and this is me :) emtits is soo immensly lame but how the hell do you mkae 'emma' interesting. please, if you find a way tell me. (no E.T. really doesn't count... it gets old)
and geography case studies really do suck, im not kidding... i got kinda distracted and spent 15 minutes trying to figure out why the hell knowing that tropical rainforests have 2,500 mm of convectional rain (there are actualy 3 types of rain... wtf?) is going to help my in the 'big bad world'. but no conclusion. its the same for so much stuff that teachers are filling my head with atm. like, please someone clue me in on the importance of knowing what enjambment is.

wonders of the world eh?
im off to laugh at jeremy clarkson top gear, oh the witt :')

dont you just love coming across the greaest and weridest videos on youtube?

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