Tuesday, 8 March 2011

psychodynamic approach

Freud insulted people, or at least that's the impression they give. Of course you are going to be slightly insulted by the man who claims you had sexual feeling towards your mother, hating your father for standing in the way of your relationship, turning into the fear that a confrontation will leave you castrated.
but more then anything i think people feared Freud. Feared the possibility that there is way more to our minds then we can ever control or understand.
I know that's the reason i can't stand my psychology lessons at the moment. what if this man is right? what if dreams were repressed desires and thoughts? what if I'm exhibiting classic denial and there's no way i can stop it? what if my anal retentive characters will stick with me forever?

maybe gaining insight to the mind isn't such a good thing.
i can't help but analyse everything i do now. its like a conditioned paranoia

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