Thursday, 18 March 2010

you there.

the one with the bright blue eyes.
i fail to understand how you seemed to constantly have so much happiness present on your face.
i dont know who you are
and i never will, but you taught me something
that i should be so much happier with my life, im so wrapped up in the things i dont have i forget to come out of my own little world and see whats in front of me.
simply by getting on the bus, just as you were, as happy as can be
talking to whoever sat near you, as if they were a friend you've known all your life
weather they were old or a baby toddler
it was just one human talking to another, simple as
and when you were on your own
you looked outside the window as if completely captivated by the world that was passing you by.

you looked like happiness personified.
i wonder how many people noticed that bright liveliness in your eyes.
most would just fix on your wheelchair, or all the scratches and cuts.

all this in just a few glances.

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