Monday, 22 February 2010


it seems impossible that something made to make life a bit more logical can become the most complicated bloody thing in the world.

that was the best moment, 1/2 after leaving the cathedrals site, travailing around, feet hurting more "nahhh im sure this time", getting up to the surface again. you look around to get your bearings, and noticing a little gold spindle thing, on top of a too-familiar large dome.
"its a cathedral"
"no, its the cathedral"
it was just a 'you have to laugh cos its so ridiculously stupid' moment.
even though we probably looked like scary, out of control londoners that were on crack or something equally damaging to the poor unsuspecting tourists.

i want more moments like this in my life, and less trailing around, tired and wondering why the hell you're not doing something else.

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